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from the later knowledge ofyour Character which I had ac=:quired, I could not bring it intoplay, it was overwhelmed, buried,lost in those earlier feelings, whichI had been smarting under Yearafter Year. — I could think of youonly as one who had yeilded, so implicitly — who had given me up, too much — too much at leastwho had been influenced I saw you for my Endurance — & seeing  by anyone rather than by me you as I did, with the very Person who had guided youI saw you with the very Personwho had guided you in that yearof Misery — I had no reason to thinkher of leſs authority,;1now — [.] — The force of Habit was to be added." — "I shouldhave thought, said Anne, that my Manner to yourself, you,2 might have sparedyou much, or all of this. –" "No —No — Your manner might be onlythe ease, which your engagementto another Manwould give. might produce.3I left you with this beleif. —Andyet —I was determined to see you again. however —. My spirits ralliedwith the morning, & I felt thatI had still a motive for re::maining here. — The Admiral'snews indeed, was a revulsion.


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